Our Christian Walk Ministry prays for areas around the world from here to Nicaragua , and many other ares around the globe.

In 2008, I went to Nicaragua on a baseball mission trip with Brian Doyle of the NY Yankees. We made friends with Dr Nour and Carolyn Sirker who had a FREE clinic in Third World Nicaragua, in addition to their school and church. In 2012, I was headed to a mission trip with Calvary to Haiti. The day before we left, I got word that Carolyn had stage 4 cancer. I “switched teams” to the Nica trip leaving the same day to pray with Carolyn before she went to heaven. Since my mother raised a gentleman, I helped ladies with their bags,etc. Pastor Joe of Calvary W Boca, introduced me to Brenda, who had served in the Nica army and is VERY connected. Brenda and I married 7 months later and started supporting missions there. We partnered with my friend Pastor Adam to donate computers to Charles Wesley Christian School. This led to a challenge to build a church on the west end of town. Nicaragua is very poor and people do not have cars so they have to walk to church. (Think about that the next time you are tempted to sleep in,) We took a shell and tiled the dirt floors, painted it and opened Calvary Chapel San Rafael.

The people in Nica are very poor, and very happy. They are extremely grateful and we do what we can to support the widows and orphans. James 1:27. Brenda also uses her connections to get medical care.

In time, we were introduced to Pastor Ayner, who had a church in the mountains. Except…the church had NO ROOF. Church in the rain(think about that when you complain about anything.) After putting a roof on the church, we tiled the dirt floor and painted the 3000 sq foot church. These faithful people have church 5 nights a week, and pastor Ayner is an awesome pastor. We have 3 moms who walk uphill 3miles w their 7 kids in tow, usually 5x per week. One thing is required in a steward that they be found faithful. 1 Cor 4:2

We have a Christmas party for Jesus every year where we have a birthday cake and give each family  10 pounds of rice,beans and assorted groceries. We also use Spanish Bibles as a witnessing tool to invite people to church.

There is a young man in the church being raised by his grandparents. Giovanni at age 7 has a verse and song to share each service. The greatest day of my life was hiking across 2 mountains with Calvary SantaRita with 20 kids and their parents to baptize one young mom. That is faith and obedience.

We Americans are so spoiled and into the world. If we spent a week in Nicaragua, you’re invited, you would see how your brothers and sisters love the Lord AND appreciate all the Lord’s blessings. Jesus commanded us to “go into all nations and make disciples, and He reminded us that He is with us always, even to the end of the age.”


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